Congratulations. You won the court case. You got away with abusing your girlfriend.

Today you won this court case that I was pulled into because your a liar, and a manipulator.

You shoved someone you cared about to the ground, shouted at them scared them, worked yourself into being so irate and angry that the police had to be called on you, lied to the police about what you did – which, in effect, dragged me back to you, into this court case where I was required to relive the event again, only to have you smugly deny once more having hurt me, and finally convicted as ‘not guilty’ because there wasn’t enough evidence – because the police never got back to me to collect my evidence.

Congratulations. You won the case. You got away with abusing your girlfriend.

I hope you enjoy your celebration drinks, and you can tell all of your friends how I’m too dramatic – how, when you put your hands on me, to ‘get my attention’,  I ‘willingly sat down’.

But it didn’t break me because I got out. Even though when I tried to talk to you about breaking up four other times, you turned it around on me and convinced me to stay because,  if only I was better at not upsetting you, and if I had more patience for you, you would be able to change. Even when you made me feel like I was doing the most selfish thing in the world by leaving, when you wouldn’t let me leave – I got away, and you can never put your hands on me again.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.12.02 PM.png

Now, I’m done feeling scared. I’m done being mistreated. I’m done with the temper tantrums, and broken furniture, the fist holes in the wall, household objects being thrown at me,  your hands around my neck.

I’m done being terrified in my own house when you were angry. I’m done trying to find the words to use that wont upset you, and keep you calm. I’m done being accused of being a coward when I would try to leave the house, because you were so irate I couldn’t have a reasonable conversation with you. I’m done being called a crybaby, because you scared me. Being accused of ‘getting in your face and screaming’, while in reality, I was trying to push past you blocking the apartment door. But you kept me from leaving by shoving me to the floor. I’m done being called a bitch for standing up for myself. I’m done being pulled back up the stairs and into the apartment by the back of my shirt collar,  being chased into the courtyard you screaming at me where all our neighbors can see, you hitting me with your jacket while I’m being a crybaby and running away.

I’m done with all of that – and that was all I wanted.

But congrats for winning the court case, and getting away with abusing your girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.09.45 AM

Fuck you for thinking its ok to hurt somebody because your angry.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.11.03 AM


I also remember someone bragging about allegedly sexually assaulting their female housemates in their sleep, stealing their underwear, masturbating into their shoes, sneaking into their rooms to find their corn-on-the-cob shaped dildos, hurting small animals, and much more, but I can’t remember who that was.


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